Is there Hope?

The Fascination of the Discovery
Julián CarrónHuman Adventure Books 2021
Pagine: 216

Other available translations: ARABIC-Pdf, ARABIC-Epub.

In this volume, the President of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation faces one of the most widespread questions in this time dominated by uncertainty. “Is there hope?” The impact with the harshness of reality has caused all one’s human need to emerge. Also, and perhaps even more in these dramatic times, each person’s heart does not settle for partial answers, and cries out its desire for something that is truly commensurate to the challenge.

“An unexpected event is my only hope,” said Montale. The announcement of this something unexpected rang out in history, and the hearts of the first ones to encounter Jesus leapt for joy. The seed of hope entered the world, and from then on has continued to take root in people; encountering them, one’s heart rekindles and revives. Through the power of a present experience, one finds within a “strange positiveness” and the audacity to challenge evil, pain and even death.